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Electric Bike Frequently Asked Questions
If you are new to the world of electric bikes ...

These questions and answers may be just what you need to try and understand all the benefits. If you still can't
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Q. Do I need to wear a crash helmet when I ride my electric bike?
Although it’s not a legal requirement we would strongly recommend that you wear a helmet when riding your electric bike.

Q. Do I need to register with the DVLA or get road tax?
No. As long as your bike conforms to EN15194 it is considered by law to be a standard pedal bicycle.

Q. What servicing will my electric bike require?
We recommend that you have you bike serviced once a year or every 2000 miles.

Q. Is my electric bike road legal?
Yes, our electric bikes are fully CE and EN15194 approved.

Q. Can I ride my electric bike outside the UK?
Yes, however, you must ensure that the bike complies with the regulations enforced by the country you intend to ride it in.

Q. Does pedalling my bike recharge the battery?
No, but pedalling will help conserve power in the battery.

Q. Where do I find my bike frame number?
It is normaly on the front of the frame (the headstock). If you cannot find the frame number please call us and we will assist you.

Q. Will my electric bike need an MOT?
No, your electric bike does not need an MOT.

Q. Do I need insurance to ride my electric bike?
Although it is not a legal requirement for your electric bike, we strongly recommend that you purchase appropriate cycle insurance.

Q. How do I recharge my electric bike?
Your electric bike comes with a charger that simply plugs into any 230 or 240V mains outlet. A full charge will take 2-6 hours, depending in the model. There are some cities that are installing ‘Park and Charge’ points where you can, as the name suggests, park and charge your electric bike. It is advisable to charge your battery up once every 2 months even when you are not using it.

Q. What is the lifespan of my electric bike battery?
The life of your electric bike battery varies depending on how much you use it. They are guaranteed for 2 years against a 30% drop in Voltage or failure. They should be charged every eight weeks even when the bike has not been used. Never leave your battery fully uncharged for more then a day.

Q. Do I get a warning when my battery needs recharging?
Your electric bike has a battery level indicator. When the battery level indicator shows one light the battery will need recharging. However as a general rule it is best to recharge your battery after every use.

Q. How much will it cost to charge my electric bike?
A full re-charge will cost in the region of 25p.
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