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FreeGo Hawk Electric Bike
Exceptional value for money!
An electric bike provides you with the freedom to travel with the minimum of effort!
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The FreeGo Hawk

The FreeGo Hawk cross bar is a sturdy every day workhorse, a great commuter bike it is also excellent on the trails at the weekend. The hand build tempered frame is tough and resilient, a great all rounder.making this bike exceptional value for money! The FreeGo Hawk step through is one of our most popular models, perfect for commuting, a cruise in the country or to visit friends. The same specifications as our Hawk cross bar with a low step through frame for ease of use.
FreeGo Hawk Crossbar FreeGo Hawk Stepthrough
FreeGo Hawk Crossbar FreeGo Hawk Stepthrough
The latest Freego Hawk now features 7 Gears, puncture resistant tyres and soft touch handle bar grips.
Please note that our bike specifications and prices are subject to change without notice.
10Ah - £1249
16Ah - £1449
Charge time

Handle Bars

Weight Capacity
Rear motor quick release plug
Speed Control Unit
Throttle Control
Weight (without battery)
Lockable Lithium-ion 36v 10Ah or 16Ah battery. On or off bike charging.
Full 4-6 Hours.
10Ah Battery 25-40 miles with pedal assist 16Ah Battery 35-65 miles with pedal assist
15.5mph (UK Law)
The main wiring loom is connected to the five-way junction box. This facilitates easy maintenance to the two
brake levers, the speed power unit, the front light and the throttle.
Robust 18" Hand-made Aluminium Frame.
Yes, Top Gun.
Aluminium lightweight rear rack with sprung holder.
7 Speed Shimano Derailleur with Mega Range Low Gear and gear protector.
Stainless Steel.
Tectro front disc brake and Tectro rear v brake.
Kenda, with water displacing tread.
Diameter 26", aluminium deep V twin wall rims for extra strength. Stainless Steel Spokes.
Yes, indestructable.
Quick release height adjustment.
Yes With 5mm Allen Key.
Front light is powered by the bike battery. Rear light is powered by an independent battery eliminating risk of
light failure if bike power runs out.
Yes, centre stand for extra stability.
130kg/20st* Rider and all luggage *If in excess of 130Kg please contact us for advice.
Rear wheel hub, high torque, 250W Intelligent brushless motor.
Ensures simple rear wheel removal should a tyre change or puncture repair become necessary.
3 speed variable power controller.
On-Off Speed Throttle Control.
Available in:
Blue, Red or Grey
Available in:
Blue, Red or Grey
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