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Powabyke F100 Electric Folding Bike
The lightest bike in the Powabyke range weighing in at just 17kg.
An electric bike provides you with the freedom to travel with the minimum of effort!
Call now on 01761 410118 to arrange a “hands on” experience at our showroom.
Powabyke F100 Electric Bike

A stylish modern design with the battery discreetly hidden within the frame, light weight and easy to lift just as a folder should be !..powerful 250w brushless motor linked to a 36v 8AH lithium battery, this bike zips along and unlike most other electric folders can easily be ridden with no assistance, enabling the rider to maximise the range capability. Three levels of assist with a full thumb throttle option used in unison with 6 speed shimano tourney shifters. In short, a powerful light weight electric folder offering exceptional value for money.
Powabyke F100 Folding Bike in Black
Powabyke F100 Folding Bike in Black
The F100 is ideal for users where space is at a premium, commuters, or caravan and motorhome users.
Please note that our bike specifications and prices are subject to change without notice.
• 250w Brushless Motor

• 36v 8amp Lithium Battery

• Total Weight 17kg

• 20″ Wheels

• Full Electric LED Display and Controller

• 3 Levels of Assist

• 6 Speed Shimano Tourney Shifters

• Optional Thumb Throttle Control
8Ah - £899
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F100 Folding Bike in Blue
F100 Folding Bike in Blue
F100 Folding in Charcoal
F100 Folding in Charcoal
F100 Folding Bike in White
F100 Folding Bike in White